Age Gracefully with 10 Best Neck Rejuvenation Treatments [ 2020 ]

Most women want a defined jawline, a nice long neck and a tight under chin area. Aging and genetics can cause a variety of aesthetic problems of the neck. Today there are plenty of noninvasive and surgical treatments that can help give you the beautiful neck, chin and jawline you are looking for.

Most patients also want to refresh an aging lower face as well since they tend to occur together.

Why get a neck lift?

Women seek treatment for aesthetic neck concerns more often than men. Aging, weight loss and weight gain are common causes for a neck that sags, has bands and lacks a refined jaw contour. As we get older, it can be surprising to notice how much the neck and skin changes with time. If you aren’t ready for a neck lift, non-invasive neck rejuvenation treatments will also help give you an elegant neckline. This is a great way to subtly refresh your whole appearance, especially in conjunction with facial rejuvenation.

Common aesthetic problems of the neck area

While the neck is a small area, there are quite a few common aesthetic concerns patients can develop.

Turkey neck

Sagging, floppiness, turkey neck, oh my! Neck skin is very delicate and thin. Because of this, neck skin sags quickly due to age.

Like your face, the neck is exposed to the sun every day. Most people can remember to put SPF on their face, but the neck is sometimes forgotten. UV light from the sun degrades collagen and elastin, which are proteins that keep skin supple, firm and youthful.

Women hate having loose neck skin. When it comes to skin treatments like face masks, serums, and sun protection, the face gets most of the attention. The neck, much like the décolleté area, tends to be overlooked. Even if your facial skin looks youthful and refreshed, the neck can be a dead giveaway of age. Sagging and crepe-like skin on the neck can make you look a lot older. No one wants that.

Double chin

Aging and weight gain can cause the dreaded double chin. Also known as submental fat, it occurs when a layer of fat forms below the chin. Weight gain is one cause, but you don’t have to be overweight to have one. Aging and genetics can also factor in. As the skin sags, the fat layer drops further, creating the illusion that you have two chins. That is why even skinny people can get a double chin. Luckily, there are neck rejuvenation treatments (both non-surgical and surgical) that can get rid of double chins. More on this below!

Poor jawline contour

A contoured jawline helps define your face. The most beautiful faces also have a defined jawline. Many women rely on bronzing makeup to create a beautifully sculpted jawline. Unfortunately, this only works if the problem is minor. Jowls and a sagging jawline can develop as the skin sags with age. Neck rejuvenation treatments help define and tighten the jaw area for a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Aging lower face

While this does not concern the neck area specifically, a sagging or wrinkled lower face often occurs alongside neck problems. A full or mini face lift is needed to address more severe lower facial sagging, but there are other treatments that can help. Marionette lines and wrinkles are also easily treatable. Rejuvenating the lower third of the face and neck at the same time can take years off your appearance.

Latest neck treatments

There are several ways to improve the neck area. These are the most popular neck rejuvenation treatments.

Neck Lift Options

Neck rejuvenation treatments (non-invasive)

Noninvasive treatments are best for patients who have mild to moderate neck concerns. The neck area responds very well to many rejuvenation treatments that are available today.

Neck Fillers

Chin fillers can be used to improve the shape of the neck and jaw. This is a great treatment for patients with a protruding chin, which can be caused by aging. Dr. Beldholm will first numb the area, then inject dermal fillers to elongate the neck and reduce how far the chin sticks out.

Neck fillers can also improve the shape of a chin that is too small, angular, sloping and various other concerns. Results normally last 3 to 4 months on average, at which point you should come in for more fillers.

Muscle relaxants

As people get older, dynamic muscles in the neck can become more obvious, causing unattractive wrinkles, lines and bands to form. Dynamic neck bands that move as you talk can be treated with muscle relaxants. Also known as platysmal bands, treatment for this is fast and convenient with no downtime. Minor bruising and swelling is possible, however. Results generally last 3 to 4 months.

Fat melting injections for neck

This injectable treatment helps correct a double chin by melting undesirable fat. The injections contain a special chemical that dissolves fat by separating the fat molecules into tiny particles. The particles are then flushed away naturally by the body. It takes a few sessions to see results. Fat melting is ideal for patients who are unable to take a few days off of work for liposuction. Correcting small areas such as the chin are perfect for this type of injection.

Liposuction for neck

Another way to treat a double chin is to use liposuction. This gives immediate results compared to fat melting injections, making it a good option for patients who want to improve the chin in a single session. Liposuction targets fat cells Doctor Bernard prefers VASER Liposculpture over traditional lipo. VASER has many exciting benefits that you can read about here.

VASER liposuction uses sound waves to liquify fat before it is removed with gentle suction. General anesthesia is needed to make the treatment more comfortable. The area will be numbed, then Dr. Beldholm will make small incisions along the chin area. The recovery time varies from patient to patient. Although results are instant, it can take from 3 to 6 months for all of swelling from the procedure to subside. The final result is an attractive, slim neck that looks elongated and youthful.

Cosmetic Neck Surgery

Cosmetic neck surgery

For patients with more severe aesthetic concerns, surgical treatment may be necessary. Typically, neck lift surgery works best when it is paired with a secondary treatment in order to achieve the best results.

Neck lift

Neck lift surgery is great for dramatically improving the neck area. It works by stretching and tightening the platysma muscle. Ideally, a neck lift works best in combination with treating the lower face. The lower face can be treated surgically or non-surgically. A consultation in person can help determine the best course of action since each patient is unique. Dr. Bernard Beldholm will create a customized surgical plan to sculpt an attractive neck for you.


If you have loose neck bands, a neck lift with platysmaplasty can help. The procedure is the same as a standard neck lift, with one extra step added. Platysmaplasty involves making a small cut under the chin, and then stitching the muscle that is located there together. The incisions are well hidden. This can also be paired with a mini or full face lift.

Neck lipo with mini face lift

Pairing neck liposuction with a mini face lift is an excellent way to correct loose skin on the neck while rejuvenating the face. This combined procedure can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. Dr. Beldholm will perform a mini face lift, which helps stretch and elongate the neck skin, while VASER lipo defines the jawline.

Chin implant

A protruded chin occurs when the mouth sticks out too far, which tends to create a sloping chin. Unfortunately, this makes the neck look quite short. A protruding chin is usually easy to fix with injectable fillers, but more severe cases may need cosmetic surgery.

A neck lift can be paired with a chin implant to correct a severe protruded chin. A small cut is made under the chin, and the implant is inserted. This helps give patients better definition of the chin area and significantly reduce chin sloping. The incisions from this are small and easily hidden.

Mini facelift

It is common to have skin concerns on the lower third of the face along with an aging neck. Patients with lower face sagging, looseness and marionette lines are great candidates for a mini facelift. Non-invasive cosmetic face treatments can also help. Wrinkles and sagging on the lower face are caused by aging. The surgery involves a small s-shaped incision near the ear. The scar is smaller than a full face lift.

A mini face lift cannot fix sagging neck skin on its own. Mini facelifts can be performed alongside a neck lift for patients who need to address both areas. The combined treatment leaves you with a beautifully-refined neck and lower face.

Full face lift

An aging face can lose grace with time. If the years have not been kind to your face and neck area, a neck lift added to a full face lift can help. A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, tightens the skin for a more youthful appearance.

The difference between a mini face lift and full face lift is that a full face lift fixes sagging, loosens and wrinkles on the whole face, not just the lower third. Unsure of which to choose? The answer comes down to how much skin laxity there is. Doctor Bernard is a facial plastic surgeon that can advise you on which procedure is best for you.

Often, patients have aging of both the face and neck area. That is where a neck lift comes in. The final result with this dual method of surgery is a completely refreshed, rejuvenated look. Patients love seeing the loose skin tightened and smoothed. The best part is that cosmetic surgery achieves dramatic, long-lasting results compared to dermal fillers. Check out real patient before and afters here.