Facial Surgeries

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Refresh your look with facial rejuvenation treatments that are right for you

Dr Beldholm offers surgical cosmetic treatments that can effectively turn back the hands of time

No matter who you are, male or female, the side effects of ageing shows no bias. As we grow older, we all eventually fall victim to “Father Time” sooner or later. Not all of it is bad news, of course. With ageing often comes wisdom, financial independence and more time to spend with family and friends.

Getting older, of course, can impact our appearance. While ageing can make us look more distinguished and sophisticated, it can also make us look tired and sometimes even older than we really are. Genetics and lifestyle can also impact how we age, for good or bad.

A good diet and regular exercise can help slow the ageing process to some degree, but it is certainly not a cure for eliminating the nuisances typically associated with getting older. As time passes, many individuals will begin to experience the following physical changes in his or her appearance:

  • Droopy eyelids
  • Hollow or saggy cheeks
  • Sagging neck
  • Laugh lines around the eyes
  • Sagging jawline
  • Thin, wrinkled lips

Facial surgeries offered by Dr Beldholm

Your favourite anti-wrinkle cream will only keep fine lines at bay for so long. It does not offer a “magic cure” to eliminating wrinkles and sagging skin for good. Beware of products that do make those claims. As the saying goes, “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Depending on the depth of your wrinkles and the amount of sagging skin that you have, facial cosmetic surgery will prove more effective than any expensive face cream and provide you with the results you desire. Dr Beldholm is pleased to offer several facial procedures to help patients regain their self-confidence and feel their absolute best:


Are you ready for a new you?

How you feel on the inside, should match how you look on the outside. Get your confidence back by turning back the hands of time with the help of skilled specialist surgeon, Dr Beldholm. He proudly offers facial surgery for men and women who live in the Hunter Valley region and throughout all of Australia.