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Experience the highest level of cosmetic surgery and achieve a more perfect you in a private, peaceful setting. Services include cosmetic enhancements of the tummy, breast and face.

What sets Dr Beldholm apart

With more than a decade of experience performing cosmetic surgery, Dr Beldholm M.B.B.S, B.SC (Med), FRACS is passionate about helping patients restore, reshape and regain their body. To date, he’s performed thousands of procedures on satisfied patients throughout his surgical career. Possessing the skills of a specialist surgeon and an artist’s unique eye, he continues to be at the forefront of technology and the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery. With a knack for bringing out a patient’s natural beauty and delivering satisfying results, he uses refined modern surgical techniques to minimise a patient’s recovery time so that they can get back to their normal life as quickly as possible. Whether you are looking for a subtle change in your appearance or a complete transformation (Example: Mummy Makeover), Dr Beldholm can help you look and feel your absolute best.


Friendly staff

Dr Beldholm’s dedicated team of nurses, assistants, aestheticians and front-desk staff are fully committed to providing you with the best experience possible in cosmetic surgery. High level body contouring surgeries such as body lifts, tummy tucks, breast enhancements or facelifts are performed by Dr Beldholm at two of the top hospitals in the region, one in Newcastle and the other in Hunter Valley. The two locations are well-equipped with the latest medical equipment to ensure that patients receive the highest level of safety and qualified cosmetic surgery care. One of the hospitals also boasts a level 1 intensive care unit.

Dr Beldholm and his staff are here for you for every step of the surgical process. Initial consultations take place at his private and picturesque office building in Lorn. This converted heritage house is set on a 1,040 m2 property with private parking in the back.

Completely remodelled on the inside, the building includes a reception area, a doctor’s room and three treatment rooms that are equipped with the latest surgical technology. Your post-operative care is taken care of by Dr Beldholm and a dedicated nurse at this peaceful location as well. Laser genesis and LED Light technology is used to minimise scarring and improve healing, so you can quickly begin enjoying “the new you” and get back to your normal, daily life.

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A Consultation with Dr Beldholm is Different

What Dr Beldholm will do

Your consultation with Dr Beldholm is always honest, comprehensive and never rushed. With one-on-one meetings lasting up to an hour or longer, he will carefully listen to your concerns about your appearance while making sure he fully understands what it is you exactly want to achieve with surgery.

Because you’ll likely be filled with lots of questions, he’ll be happy to answer all of them. After all, he knows that surgery is a big decision, and he wants you to be completely sure it is ultimately right for you.

During your conversation with Dr Beldholm, you can expect complete transparency. He will tell you if your surgical goals are realistic and advisable. If he doesn’t think they entirely are, he may offer some recommendations and explain the reason for them.

Along with explaining how a specific procedure might work for you, he will also thoroughly discuss: surgery time length, recovery, discomfort level, potential complications and outcome. Even after you leave his office for the very first time and prepare for the surgical process, Dr Beldholm is just a simple phone call or email away. Patients at his practice are never viewed as just a “number” but rather more like family.

What Dr. Beldholm won’t do

Because cosmetic surgery is a life-changing decision, Dr Beldholm will never sell you on a “false dream.” He 100% believes in managing expectations. As a result, he won’t promise you results that he knows he can’t achieve nor will he make a surgical recommendation that is easy for him but possibly difficult for you. He will also never tell you what you want to hear or agree to perform a procedure simply because you are willing to pay for it. At the end of the day, Dr Beldholm’s goal is to provide patients with professional results that bring out the patient’s very best and help them achieve self-confidence.

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Patients for Life

Dr Beldholm is dedicated to building lasting relationships with his patients. From the minute a patient walks into the door to long after their surgery is complete, his patients are like family. They are never treated as merely a number or dollar sign.

His mantra has always been


For patients who demand a surgeon who is understanding, ethical, skilled and compassionate, those qualities can easily be found in Dr Beldholm.