Full VASER Lipo-Abdominoplasty

Extra, loose skin and weak abs are common after losing significant amount of weight through bariatric surgery or giving birth. Following extreme weight loss or multiple pregnancies, abdominal muscles can easily become weakened and hanging skin often becomes a problem. Unfortunately, diet and exercise alone may not always help to correct the issue. The good news is full VASER lipo-abdominoplasty can surgically tighten weak muscles, while removing excess skin and fat from the upper and lower abdomen in order to flatten it.

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Who is it for?

Full VASER lipo-abdominoplasty is designed for both post pregnancy and post weight loss patients. While a patient may lose additional kilos, this is not a weight loss procedure. Mothers with moderate-to-severe ab muscle separation are generally better candidates for a full tummy tuck instead of a mini tummy tuck. While post weight loss may not have muscle separation, they usually have loose skin in the upper and lower abdomen and will generally require a full tummy tuck rather than a mini.

How is it different?

The full lipo-abdominoplasty uses a VASER liposuction to dissect the tissues and remove fat. The VASER is a high frequency probe that melts the fat. The melted fat is then suctioned up. This creates less trauma to the tissues and therefore less risk of bruising, bleeding, and discomfort in recovery. (1,2)

How is it done?

During the procedure, the umbilicus is re-positioned. Fat is removed from the abdomen and sides using VASER liposuction. This provides patients with a more defined, proportional result. Unlike a traditional abdominoplasty, drains are not usually used as part of the modern full VASER lipo-abdominoplasty. The scar from the procedure is placed below the patient’s underwear line in a similar location as a caesarean scar.

What is the recovery?

Dr Beldholm and his staff always provide patients with detailed instructions on how to care for themselves after the procedure. Although this is a major surgery, most patients will only require a 2 to 4-day hospital stay. Patients can generally shower the next day but are urged to avoid heavy lifting. Patients will need to take some time off from work to recover. Unlike traditional tummy tuck surgery, patients will not require any bulky gauze dressings or drains. Patients can typically return to their job in about two to four weeks.

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