Recovering from Liposuction


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Below you will find all the necessary information to ensure that your recovery after liposuction surgery is as quick, comfortable, and successful as possible.

Immediately after your surgery


As part of the liposuction process, Dr. Beldholm will inject a fluid containing local anaesthetic that minimises pain for the first 12 hours, and ensures your comfort after surgery.

The after-effects of surgery and discharge from the hospital

Following liposuction, you will normally be able to return home within 1-2 hours, after a postoperative check by Dr. Beldholm.

You will receive a prescription for pain medications if required, though there is usually only minimal swelling and bruising associated with this procedure, and complications are rare.


Following surgery, minor dressings will be applied, but you can take showers as normal. A little oozing from your incision sites should be expected for 24 hours after your surgery. A nurse will see you on day one and review your dressings. You will then see Dr Beldholm around 7-10 days after your operation for a routine review.

Returning Home


As you are still in the recovery phase of the operation when discharged, it’s important to arrange in advance for someone to drive you home and assist you following your operation. Most patients can resume driving approximately one week after surgery, but before you attempt to drive, ensure you can turn to check over both shoulders, and can manoeuvre the car safely without discomfort.


You are encouraged to go for gentle walks as soon as possible after surgery to prevent complications and to ensure blood flow quickly returns to normal.


Following your operation, it is normal for some fluid to seep for around 24-48 hours. This is usually lightly blood-stained; you will be provided with absorbent pads to prevent this from oozing onto the bed.


You can shower as normal after surgery.

Exercise and activity following surgery

Keep physical activity to a minimum for a week following surgery, with only light activities such as gentle walking or light home duties.

What to expect after your surgery

Pain and healing

There is minimal discomfort associated with this surgery, but the full results of your liposuction may take around 6 months to become evident.

Bleeding or severe pain

Please don’t hesitate to call Dr. Beldholm’s office on 1300 588 494 (in hours) if you have any unusual symptoms, such as odour, bleeding, or severe pain. If you have urgent concerns out of hours, please call our emergency number on 0499 588 444.

Return to work

Most patients can return to non-manual work and normal social activities a few days after returning home.


To optimise your surgical results, it’s best to stop smoking for at least four weeks after surgery.

Post op appointments

You will see Dr. Beldholm immediately before being discharged from the hospital and again in 1-2 weeks. The nurse will review your wounds and remove the dressings on day one.

We recommend a course of LED light therapy postoperatively, as this will improve healing time. Please refer to your LED light therapy information sheet.

Routine follow-up appointments will be made with Dr. Beldholm at one, six, and 12 months after surgery.

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