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Breast reduction surgery will not only reduce the size of your breasts and relieve pressure on the upper body, it will also enhance the natural shape and contours of your breasts. This can create a more shapely and balanced profile that helps bring relief if you have felt restricted or self-conscious by the size of your breasts.

A reduction mammoplasty is a procedure that reshapes the breasts by removing skin and tissue. The most common reason women have this procedure performed is for them to feel better physically. Having large breasts comes with a host of complications that can make it harder to do typical movements or everyday activities.

If you have fully-developed oversize breasts that are causing you discomfort, pain in the back, neck and shoulder areas, skin irritations, or infections beneath the breasts, breast reduction surgery can help.

Breasts that are inadequately supported by a small frame or that are heavy, pendulous, and asymmetric, with nipples pointed downward, can be reshaped and reduced in size during the procedure, providing immediate relief from discomfort and a more balanced appearance.

Breast reduction surgery may help you feel less self-conscious about your breasts, allow you to do more physical activity, and to wear the clothes you desire.

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3. Start your breast reduction surgical journey.

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Breast Reduction surgery with Dr Beldholm

  • Minimal scar breast reduction technique
  • Reduced size as well as breast lift & superior pole fullness
  • Modern scar management for a hair line scar (using PICO dressings, silicon sheets, LED lights and Laser genesis) all complimentary
  • No drains, improved recovery
  • 3D imaging as part of every consultation
  • You choose the size. B to C cup is a common choice
  • Breast Reduction surgeon in Newcastle & Hunter Valley
  • Friendly staff & Specialist Surgeon (with a decade of experience in cosmetic surgery) to help guide you through your breast reduction surgery and follow up care
Dr Bernard Beldholm Meeting with Patient

4 steps to a successful breast reduction

As a patient of Specialist Cosmetic Surgery, you will be guided through a 4-stage process designed to meet all your unique needs and expectations of surgery.

Dr Beldholm and his staff are here to guide you through and make sure that you get the best possible result. We focus on making you comfortable and answering all your questions.

We are here for you.

Step 1: Private Consultation

Bernard Beldholm Meeting with Patient

Having performed thousands of surgical procedures over the past decade, Dr Beldholm will recommend an option that is customised for you and your body based on his vast experience.

The decision to undergo any surgery will be made after it has been determined that it is safe for you to do so and that the results will match your expectations.

By the end of the consultation all your questions will be answered so that you can make a well informed decision. You will receive a detailed quote for the options that have been discussed.

If you decide to proceed, Dr Beldholm and his team will collaborate with you on designing a personalised treatment plan, scheduling a convenient date and location for your surgery. You will be provided with all pre-operative and post-operative information.

Your appointment with Dr. Beldholm can be scheduled at two convenient locations:

  • 30 Belmore Rd, Lorn NSW 2320: a beautiful converted heritage building in the Hunter Valley.
  • 18 Lambton Rd, Broadmeadow, NSW 2292: a modern facility in the heart of Newcastle.

It can be quite overwhelming when you consider having surgery and often it can be hard to remember all the information that we have provided you with. We therefore provide you with written information about your procedure as well as an option to come back and have further follow up consultations with Dr Beldholm at no additional charge.

Your 3D consultation with Dr Beldholm

Most women find it difficult to decide on their optimal size. To help you Dr Beldholm uses a range of methods to help you decide on sizing.

Dr Beldholm combines his consultations with 3D imaging. The use of 3D imaging is very helpful in visualising your new breast. The images can be viewed in the comfort of your own home.

Step 2: Your Surgery

Dr Beldholm performs his Breast reduction procedures in two private hospitals in the Hunter Valley:

  • Maitland Private Hospital
  • Hunter Valley Private Hospital

Breast reduction surgery may take a number of forms depending on the size of your breasts:

Vertical scar (‘short scar’) breast reduction

This is a highly-evolved breast reduction technique. It is designed to improve the shape of the breast while minimising scarring and is the least-invasive procedure. Requiring only a small vertical cut around the areola and down to the breast fold to remove excess tissue and fat, this means faster rehabilitation and finer scars. It also creates a better shape than traditional breast reduction techniques, with a longer-lasting result.

Inverted T ‘wise pattern’ breast reduction

This is a more traditional breast reduction technique that is particularly effective for women who require extensive tissue removal. With an anchor-shaped incision circling the areola and extending along the natural curve of the breast, excess glandular tissue, fat and skin is removed. The nipple and areola are then moved into a new, higher position. Using this technique, nipple sensation and the ability to breastfeed are usually preserved.

VASER Liposculpture

This technique is used for younger patients (18-35 years old) with breasts of predominantly fatty composition and with greater skin elasticity than older women. VASER liposculpture is a great way to do a breast reduction in the right women.

Step 3. Postoperative Care and Recovery

Recovery from breast reduction surgery will vary for each individual and will depend on the extent of your procedure.

If you are having a breast reduction using liposuction only then the recovery is typically no more than 1-2 weeks. If you are having a vertical or wise pattern breast reduction an overnight hospital stay is required.

A support bra will be fitted after the operation, which you will be required to wear for 4 weeks following surgery.

You will be reviewed several times over the first few weeks. Most patients return to work and regular activities approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the operation.

We have created an Post-operative wound healing treatment program after you leave hospital to maximise wound healing and recovery.

Step 4. Follow up Care

Your procedure is not considered complete until Dr. Beldholm has met with you to follow up after your operation. He will ensure you are healing and that all the expectations discussed in your one-on-one consultation have been met.

You will generally see the doctor on the day after the operation and also in 1 month, 3 months and 6 months following surgery. These appointments are included in the surgical fee.

The refined surgical techniques result in strategically-placed scars that are hidden from view and will become almost imperceptible over the course of a year. The final result may take about a year to become fully apparent, as swelling subsides and the liposuction settles in the first six to twelve months.

Find out what we can do for you.

Team Beldholm Lorn Australia

“The sense of relief in women who have undergone breast reduction surgery clearly makes a real lasting difference to their lives”

Dr Bernard Beldholm FRACS

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