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Dr Bernard Beldholm Meeting with Patient


Dr. Bernard Beldholm

Dr. Bernard Beldholm FRACS is a specialist surgeon who has enjoyed a long, fulfilling career in cosmetic surgery. Dr Bernard Beldholm is the founder and CEO of Specialist Cosmetic Surgery.

In his spare time, he has presented at various international medical conferences, appeared on Australian TV numerous times and has published a variety of research articles.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide every client with results they can be proud of. We achieve this by listening to their unique concerns, using the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery combined with a holistic approach so that every patient leaves our practice with a smile.

Our staff and and Dr Beldholm are dedicated to providing exceptional care in order to help you through your surgical journey while remaining supportive of your needs.

Education is important to us. We aim to have the most educated employees in the industry by investing time and effort into staff training.

Our humble beginnings

Dr Beldholm’s practice was started in 2009. His first clinic was located in Mt Pleasant St in Maitland. Starting with just one part time secretary and a lease for 12 months. This was an exciting time for the practice. The team was later joined by another secretary, a registered nurse and a Dermal therapist.

In 2011 it became clear that the practice had outgrown the Mt Pleasant St location, and the search was on for a bigger and more permanent establishment.

A beautiful heritage house was found in Lorn, a small heritage listed town outside of Maitland. It was the ideal location for a private cosmetic clinic. The house was purchased and plans were put in place to change it into a Medical facility. However the challenges were big. Because of the heritage status of the town, strict guidelines had to be adhered too.

We finally made the big move in December 2011.

Expansion into Newcastle in 2012

Dr Beldholm was running both his Sydney practice and providing services to his Hunter Valley patients. As Dr Beldholm had become more prominent in the area, he was approached by the CEO of Hunter Valley Private to join the Private Hospital. At that time, he was the only Cosmetic Surgeon in the hospital. Initially, all consulting was done in the Hospital consulting rooms. However, in 2014, it was clear that the rooms were not adequate in providing for the needs of a modern cosmetic surgery practice and the search was on for a better location in Newcastle.

In 2015 a Medical suite with functioning operating day theatre room become our Newcastle location.

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