Payment Options

*Dr Beldholm explains the payment options in this video

Do we offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans for all surgical procedures.

For patients booking surgery in advance, we can arrange regular payments.

Finally payment is due 2 weeks before surgery.

This payment arrangement is fee free and interest free, we can organise everything.

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What other payment options do you offer?

We accept Cash, Visa MasterCard, American express TLC (Total Lifestyle Credit) loans MacCredit loans and direct deposit.

Can I access my super?

Yes. If your operation is medically necessary. Many of our post weight loss patients needing body contour are able to access their super.

What have patients done in the past?

Patients in the past have approached their existing banks for redraws, personal loans or used a low-interest credit card to help fund their procedure. Many are able to access superannuation.

*We do not endorse any financing company.

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