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If you are lucky to be a proud mum, you may notice some changes to your tummy caused by pregnancy. Many of these changes are normal, and you may not be concerned about them. Sometimes some changes cause Medial issues such as loose skin and muscle separation (Diastasis Recti). Dr Bernard Beldholm can address these changes and performs his Lipo-abdominoplasty operation to address the physical changes of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy changes your tummy in several ways

Here are the top three cosmetic issues women have after pregnancy:

Loose skin: Excess skin on the tummy is a common side effect of pregnancy.

Abdominal muscle separation: A tummy pooch, low back pain, loss of core strength and a space between the abs are some signs of muscle separation. This condition, known as rectus diastasis, commonly occurs in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. (3)

Excess fat: Many women find it difficult to shed the kilos after pregnancy. Some mums struggle to get rid of isolated fat bulges with diet and exercise alone.

Pregnancy changes your tummy in several ways - Dr. Bernard Beldholm - Sculpt Tummy Tuck

Why did these changes occur?

  • Abdominal muscle separation: The abdominal muscles have a fibrous band that runs down the middle of your abdomen. The band may stretch or tear as your belly expands during pregnancy. Nearly 60 per cent of mums have ab muscle separation (3), which can give the abdomen a distorted appearance long after giving birth.
  • Loose skin: Your abdominal skin stretched to its limit as your belly grew during pregnancy. Like a rubber band, your skin can only stretch so much. After giving birth, your belly gradually shrinks like a balloon deflating, which may cause the loose skin to hang.
  • Excess Fat: Weight gain during pregnancy is normal and healthy. However, many mums find it difficult to lose weight after giving birth. After reaching your goal weight, you may find it difficult to remove those fat pockets despite your diet and exercise efforts.

What is Lipo-abdominoplasty?

What is Sculpt Tummy Tuck Dr. Bernard Beldholm

Dr Beldholm’s Lipo-abdominoplasty is designed for mums who want a flat tummy after pregnancy. Medically known as lipo-abdominoplasty, this procedure addresses the three main cosmetic issues many women experience after giving birth.

  • Repair muscle separation
  • Remove saggy abdominal skin
  • Reduce stubborn fat pockets

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Preparing for your Tummy Tuck Surgery

12 Powerful Advantages of the Lipo-abdominoplasty

A Lipo-abdominoplasty can have benefits for mums who want to remove loose skin and tighten separated muscles after pregnancy. The surgery may lead to:

  • Reduced abdominal fat (in front of the abdominal wall)
  • A flatter abdomen
  • No need for surgical drains
  • A surgical scar that is typically hidden in the underwear line
  • Visible improvement of abdominal muscle separation
  • A firmer, flatter and more lifted mons pubis

How does the Lipo-abdominoplasty operation work?

Step 1: VASER Liposuction

VASER Liposculpture Dr. Bernard Beldholm

First, Dr Beldholm removes fat from the abdomen with VASER liposuction. This liposuction technology gently melts the fat cells so they can be easily removed with machine-assisted suction. VASER causes less tissue trauma and bleeding than traditional liposuction. (1,2). It also gets closer to the skin surface for maximum fat removal.

Step 2: Abdominal flap elevation

Abdominal flap elevation - Dr. Bernard Beldholm

Dr Beldholm dissects and elevates the abdominal flap to free the loose skin.

Step 3: Muscle Repair

Sculpt Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair - Dr. Bernard Beldholm

Next, Dr Beldholm dissects a tunnel so he can access the rectus abdominis muscle. He sutures the two sides of the six-pack muscle together at the midline to repair the muscle separation that occurred during pregnancy.

Step 4: Skin Excision

Sculpt Tummy Tuck Skin Excision - Dr. Bernard Beldholm

Dr Beldholm makes a horizontal incision on the lower abdomen. He hides the incision in the bikini line so the scar usually isn’t visible in underwear and swimwear. He measures and marks the excess skin, then removes the skin and closes the incision. This leaves the abdominal skin flat, tight, and smooth.

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Dr Beldholm M.B.B.S, B.SC (Med), FRACS

Dr. Beldholm - M.B.B.S-B.SC - Med - FRACS - New

As a FRACS surgeon, Dr Beldholm is passionate about helping mums reshape their bodies after pregnancy. He has performed more than 10,000 procedures in his 20+ year medical career. He stays at the forefront of science and technology to offer his patients a variety of face and body procedures performed with safety, ethics, and results in mind. Always excited to share the latest innovations in body contouring surgery, his YouTube channel has more than 10,000 subscribers. With multiple TV guest appearances and scientific journal articles, his goal is to educate patients on their options so they can make an informed choice of whether to have surgery. Dr Beldholm strives to operate with sincerity, respect, and integrity throughout the process.

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