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Patient 2021-1003

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Presents after having gastric sleeve operation done 3 years prior. Going from 125kg to 83kg. Stable weight for more than 6 months.

Hates her tummy almost as much as before her gastric sleeve operation. Concerned with loose skin throughout her abdomen. Skin rubbing together causing discomfort and rashes. When she does exercise the skin makes audible noises; “like I have my own audience”.

Operation performed

  • Vaser assisted fleur de lis abdominoplasty
  • 53 minutes of VASERing performed
  • Total fat removed with liposuction: 1950ml Fat
  • Abdominal Skin removed: 2.3kg
Injecting wetting solution by Dr Beldholm
Liposcution fat by Dr Beldholm
Bringing skin midline by Dr Beldholm
Middle abdomen by Dr Beldholm
VASER liposculpture by Dr Beldholm
Umbilical incision by Dr Beldholm
tightening skin by Dr Beldholm
Closing abdomen by Dr Beldholm

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