Brachioplasty to tighten and re-shape the arms

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Do you live with excess skin and fat on your upper arms? Although a sign of ageing, many patients who have lost a significant amount of weight often suffer from flabby arms as well. In some instances, that pocket of fat and sagging skin can give a patient’s arms a “wing like” appearance. This can leave many patients feeling insecure, embarrassed and, in some cases, even less sociable.

Unfortunately, despite eating healthy and exercising diligently, for a lot of weight loss patients the problem doesn’t usually go away naturally. The good news, however, is that for individuals who desire tighter, firmer arms, cosmetic surgery offers an effective solution. Arm lift surgery, otherwise known as brachioplasty, is a procedure that reshapes the upper arms by reducing excess skin, and in some cases fat, resulting in smoother skin and better-proportioned contours of the upper arms.

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Who is a brachioplasty for?

The decision to have brachioplasty–no matter the type–is a very personal one, and it may not be right for everyone. Prior to making a decision to have the surgery, Dr Beldholm thoroughly listens to his patient’s concerns, carefully assesses their problem area, reviews their overall health and plans the treatment that is best suited for them. The ideal candidates for this surgery are:

  • Those who do not smoke
  • Those who are physically healthy and don’t suffer from medical conditions that could hinder healing or increase the risk of complications (Ex: heart problems, diabetes, cancer, etc.)
  • Those whose weight is stable
  • Those with excess soft tissue along the upper arm region
  • Those who have realistic expectations

How is Dr Beldholm’s arm lift different?

The arm lift surgery that Dr Beldholm performs on patients is a bit different from traditional brachioplasty–but in a good way. The traditional technique involves cutting the tissues down to the triceps muscle and then creating two so-called flaps, where the skin and fat is then resected. Drains are then used to prevent seromas and the drains usually stay in for around two weeks. Dr Beldholm’s technique has several advantages such as:

  • Lower seroma rate (fluid collection in the wound)
  • NO drains needed
  • Lower risk of nerve damage
  • Sculpting the arm with VASER liposculpture

Dr Beldholm has developed a refined liposuction-based method for arms lifts that improves many of the limitations of the more standard or traditional techniques. To effectively reshape and tighten the arms, Dr Beldholm combines brachioplasty with VASER liposculpture to give his patients the best results possible.

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