COVID-19 UPDATE – Adapting to our situation

To comply with NSW Public Health orders and in line with the current lockdown in our region, Dr Beldholm and the team are working a little bit differently.

The services we are offering are performed in accordance with the requirements of NSW Health guidelines including:

  • Surgical consultations conducted via zoom or other online video formats,
  • Allowable surgery (restrictions around this are subject to change at short notice)
  • Post-operative wound management and medical care.

For existing patients with upcoming appointments, please contact us by phone and or email for advice before arriving at our clinic if you have not already been contacted by a member of our staff.

Any patients who have appointments or surgery dates which are cancelled will be offered options for rescheduling when it is possible to do so.

We are not providing any treatments within Specialist Skin Solutions. As our client, keep up to date via our social media platform and newsletters.

Virtual consultations

Virtual consultations are available to all of our patients to mitigate risk to our staff, patients and wider community . An in-person consultation will still be required before booking surgery. Your consultation fee covers both the video and in-person fee.

All consultations will be at the normal rate of $250, with a Medicare rebate only available for in-clinic appointments where a GP or specialist’s referral is presented. Video consultations do not qualify for a Medicare rebate.

What are the rules about travelling to my appointment?

Travel to medical appointments or treatment is allowed under the NSW rules, however we recommend reviewing the rules regularly as they change quickly and vary depending on your circumstances.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

A support person following surgery is an important part of your surgical journey and one Dr Beldholm believes in strongly. With the unfolding situation with COVID-19, we ask that your support person waits for you outside. Perhaps they can take the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll through the beautiful heritage town of Lorn whilst they wait for you or duck over to the famous icky sticky to grab a well-deserved take away coffee.

Please contact us in advance if you wish for a support person to be with you during your surgical consultation.

COVID-19 safety measures we are taking

In accordance with NSW Health requirements, patients will need to:

  • Use hand sanitiser
  • Complete the screening questionnaire. Patients and visitors who do not pass the screening test will be turned away;
  • We ask that you do NOT come to our clinic;
    • If you have been overseas or in any Australian hotspot, in the last 14 days
    • If you currently required to isolate as a close or casual contact and/or have had contact with someone who is unwell, has confirmed coronavirus or is confined due to possible coronavirus
    • If you are unwell in any way, including with a sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell or cough.
  • Complete a temperature check.
  • Sign in using our QR code
  • Maintain physical distancing were possible.
  • Wear a face mask at all times as required by NSW Health. Face masks are provided for those who do not have their own;

COVID-19 testing before surgery

Upcoming patients may be required to have a Covid-19 test and submit a test result before surgery. The hospital or our team will advise if this is required.

Vaccination before or after procedures

We encourage members of the community, including upcoming patients, to be vaccinated.

NSW Health recommends patients have a minimum of 7 days before or after a procedure with us and a vaccination.

Ideally there should be 3 weeks between a vaccination and a procedure, but please don’t delay vaccination as long as there is at least the recommended 7 day minimum.

These time guidelines are due to the fact vaccination can cause mild side effects such as fever or lethargy (especially on the second dose). If this is identified before a procedure, it may have to be cancelled. And if after a procedure, it may make recovery more difficult.

And the same guidelines apply to having the seasonal flu vaccination.

COVID-19 testing prior to surgery

Patients may be required to have a Covid-19 test and submit show a negative test result before surgery. The hospital or our team will advise if this is required.

COVID-19 Vaccination and our clinic

We encourage all members of our community to be vaccinated. Ideally there should be 3 weeks between a vaccination and a procedure. NSW Health recommends patients have a minimum of 7 days between having a surgical procedure and a vaccination. The guidelines are set to accommodate the side effects that the vaccination may cause, such as fever or lethargy. The side effects may cause your procedure to be cancelled, or it may make recovery difficult.

If considering having the seasonal flu vaccination these guidelines will also apply.

Advice is current but may change at short notice.

Contact us

Our clinic hours are 10-3pm Monday to Friday. You can call the lovely team on 02 4934 5700 or send us a message via the contact form.

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