Dr Beldholm is proud to offer a training program dedicated to helping surgeons embark on a successful career in cosmetic surgery. Fees for enrolling in the program are competitive, fair and transparent. The pricing associated with this year-long training is as follows:

1. Upfront fee for the training program

As of 20___, this rate is currently set to $_,____.00. Payments can be made by cheque or credit card.

2. Ongoing monthly fee

A $_,___.00 monthly fee will cover the cost of marketing your practice through Google and Facebook ads. It will also help pay for the costs associated with running your business website.

3. Miscellaneous fee

After finishing the program and launching your very own practice in cosmetic surgery, Dr Beldholm will continue to help you market and grow your business. As a result, surgeons will be charged a base marketing fee in the amount of $__.00 + __% of your monthly/yearly (?) income.

Dr Beldholm establishes a clear fee agreement prior to your enrollment in the training program. This ensures that you know exactly what you’ll pay before taking part in any training activities at Dr Beldholm’s medical facilities. After all, no one likes surprises.

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