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Did you know that nearly 70% of Australia women wear the wrong bra size? Surprising yet true, and I see this first hand! For women contemplating breast augmentation surgery, many come into my office with bras that are either way too big or way too small. Some may have on D cups yet are actually B cups. Others may have on A cups when in reality they are actually C cups. Patients looking to increase the size of their chest often want to know how many CCs it takes to go up a cup size or two.

For women seeking implants, many become fixated on cup size. I prefer, however, not to equate CCs with cup size. Why you ask? The reason is pretty simple. Just as shirts and pants sizes vary from company to company, bra cup sizes are also subjective. Unfortunately, there is no standardised method. Because of this, if you tell me that you want a D cup, your version of a D cup may be different than what I envision.

Ultimately, breast implant size has absolutely nothing to do with bra cup size. It is the size of a patient’s implants (rather than desired bra size) should complement their figure in a way that appeals to the patient. In order to provide my patient’s with the best results possible, we take several precise measurements. These measurements will determine the size of your implants, the shape of your implants, whether the implants should be inserted over or under the muscle, whether you need a breast lift or not and more. Using the Victoria Secret’s measuring technique, we will then measure over and under the breasts. This will give the patient a good indication of their cup and bra size–particularly with this specific brand.

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