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Patient 2017-4003

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This patient came to me with discomfort from large breasts.
She had:

  • Rashes under the breast fold
  • Bra strap pain
  • Back pain

D cup breasts when she presented.
She wanted smaller and lifted breasts.

Operation done:
Superior pedicle breast reduction/Breast lift with additional liposuction on the breast rolls.

100 ml of fat removed with liposuction
Breast tissue removed

  • Right Side: 162g
  • Left Side:162g

End result: Lifted C cup

Patient 2017-4000

(Individual results may vary. See our disclaimer)*

Large uneven breasts causing discomfort. Before & After G cup to a C cup.

This lady came to see me for large breasts that were causing her a lot of discomfort including:

  • bra strap indentations
  • back pain
  • rashes

She also wanted more even breasts as the right breast was larger than the left.
She had 3 children who were in their 20’s

  • 416 grams were removed from the Right side
  • 314 grams were removed from the Left side

9 months follow up

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