Remove and Replacement of Breast Implant surgery Fee

Remove and Replacement

Surgical Fee
  • *This procedure comes with an MBS item number- 45554. Please ask our Patient coordinator for more details.
  • *If you are privately insured and this procedure is included in your policy, your health fund will cover the cost of the replacement implants.
  • *If you are NOT privately insured replacement implant cost is additional to the surgical fee listed above.
  • Surgical fee for Dr Beldholm
  • Compression garments (2)
  • All Post operative appointments
  • Day 1 and 10 -approximately
  • 1,3, 6 and 12 months
  • LED light treatments (6) within the first two weeks following your procedure.
  • *Hospital fee is additional and will be bill separately.
  • *Anaesthetist fee is additional and will be bill separately.

What are our payment options? Including payment plans.

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