10 Incredible Benefits of Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Getting breast implants is a big deal for many women, but breast augmentation downtime doesn’t have to be. With the Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation technique, Doctor Bernard’s patients do not have to experience the pain or prolonged recovery time as old breast augmentation techniques of the past. Doctor Bernard has been doing the rapid recovery technique for more than 10 years — but not every surgeon does it this way.

Keep reading to find out why the rapid recovery method is worth it with 10 incredible benefits of rapid recovery breast augmentation.

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What happens during breast implant surgery?

There are some big differences to how breast augmentation surgery is performed.

Traditional breast augmentation method

With the old surgical technique, your breast augmentation surgeon makes a cut, usually under the breast crease, and then tears the tissue to make a pocket that fit the implant.

Creating the pocket involves a lot of tissue trauma. You would expect there to be a lot of bleeding during breast implant surgery. To solve this problem, the surgeon injects a local anesthetic mixed with adrenaline into the breast area. The local anesthetic reduces pain temporarily. Pain reduction continues for up to 24 hours after the patient wakes from general anesthesia. The adrenaline constricts the blood vessels. This reduces bleeding during the operation.

Adrenaline works for about four hours, so there is little to no bleeding during the procedure. The surgeon can create incisions and freely tear the blood vessels during the operation to make the pocket for the implant. However, there is a bit of a problem when the blood vessels open back up four hours later, long after the surgery is complete. When bleeding resumes, it irritates the tissues. When blood is in the tissue that has just been operated on, this results in a lot of pain for the patient.

This is the old way of doing things. That is, until the rapid recovery method was invented…

Rapid recovery technique

We know that with the standard breast implant technique, there is significant tissue trauma and bleeding that irritates the tissues. To reduce tissue trauma and pain after breast implant surgery, the rapid recovery technique was developed.

The new method is a more delicate procedure. Instead of using adrenaline to stop bleeding during surgery, your surgeons cauterizes each blood vessel one by one so that bleeding does not resume hours later. Without blood irritating the tissue, patients enjoy a dramatically less painful recovery. Downtime is significantly reduced as well.

The tissues are also handled with more care. The more gentle the surgeon’s hand, the less physical trauma the patient endures. Naturally, that means less pain after breast implant surgery for the patient. For example, the rib cage covering (periosteum) if full of sensory nerve fibers. By being more delicate, less pain nerves are disturbed.

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10 benefits of rapid recovery

Compared to traditional breast augmentation, the rapid recovery method has major advantages.

Less breast augmentation time off work

The rapid recovery technique gets patients back to normal life quicker. For those who can’t take a lot of time off work, this is a huge benefit. With a traditional breast augmentation, women usually take at least one week off work — sometimes even longer for those with physically demanding jobs.

Meanwhile, the rapid recovery technique has a shorter breast augmentation downtime. Patients can return to work just a few days after the procedure. The exception is patients with physically demanding careers. They can benefit from modified job duties in early recovery since lifting heavy objects and potentially traumatic activities, such as those a professional athlete encounter, are best avoided for a few weeks.

However, most patients can resume sedentary jobs, such as office work, the next day after surgery, if needed.

Reducing the time off work for breast augmentation makes the surgery easier for women with busy careers that can’t take a week or more off work.

More comfortable recovery

Women that come in for a breast implant consultation with Doctor Bernard are glad to hear that the rapid recovery method won’t result in being bedridden for days. Quite the opposite, in fact. Many women are able to go shopping or out to dinner the next day after surgery. You’d have a hard time doing that with the older breast implant method. The old breast augmentation technique leaves patients sore and painful for days. Shopping or dining out would have to wait.

Less pain after breast enhancement

It’s normal to feel some discomfort after breast implant surgery. However, the old method resulted in significant pain. Meanwhile, the rapid recovery technique has less tissue trauma. Therefore, pain is greatly reduced. Instead of fretting over pain, you can feel excited about your new breasts!

Less pain medication

Patients that aren’t keen to take prescription pain meds are pleased to learn that the rapid recovery method is far less painful, and thus does not require strong pain pills. With the older surgical method, pain persists for a week or two and usually requires a hefty does of pain medication. Muscle relaxants may also be prescribed in some cases.

With Doctor Bernard’s rapid recovery technique, you will have 24 hours virtually pain-free, thanks to local anesthetic. You can take over-the-counter pain relief if desired, however Doctor Bernard can prescribe pain medication if needed.

Remember, if you take OTC painkillers, you must ask Doctor Bernard first since some medications cause unsafe reactions after surgery.

Better mobility after surgery

It’s hard for breast implant patients to raise their hands over their head after breast implant surgery. The rapid recovery method changes all that. With the new method, most patients can raise their hands above their head right after surgery! You’ll also be able to walk to same day. Patients are encourage to take short walks to reduce the risk of blood clots.

Less time off driving after breast augmentation

With rapid recovery, 90% of patients can drive just 1 to 2 days after surgery. The older method requires at least 3 to 5 days off driving, sometimes longer depending on how the patient feels. Driving soon after surgery lets the patient be more self sufficient, rather than needing family or friends to drive them around in the early days of breast implant recovery.

Get back in the gym quicker

Today, women have more active lifestyles than ever. In the past, patients had to endure a long recovery and avoid all kinds of exercise for up to 6 weeks. With the rapid recovery method, patients can resume lower body exercise within 24 hours if they are feeling up to it. Doctor Bernard advises that aerobics, heavy lifting, and contact sports are avoided for 6 weeks, however.

No surgical drains

The old breast implant method may require drains for the first 48 hours. Drains are not needed with the rapid recovery technique. This is a huge benefit since drains are cumbersome, increase infection risk, and require that the patient measures fluid output. A drainless breast augmentation is more convenient and safer.

No need for compression garments for breast augmentation

Traditional breast implant surgery often requires a special bra, bandages, or breast implant compression garments. This is not the case with the rapid recovery method. No special bandages or bras are needed.

Lower risk of breast implant complications from surgery

Breast implant surgery has a low risk of complications overall. However, Doctor Bernard strives to reduce breast implant complications as much as possible. One of the most common breast implant risks is hematoma. While swelling and bruising are common after any surgery, a large hematoma, or collection of blood, can leak into the breast, irritating the tissue and causing significant swelling. In rare cases, this is an emergency situation that requires a second surgery to close the blood vessels.

The risk of hematoma is about 0.1% with the rapid recovery method, compared to 1 to 2% for the old breast implant technique. With a lower risk of complications, it is the safer option for women considering breast implants.

Why don’t all surgeons perform rapid recovery breast augmentation?

It’s a fact that the rapid recovery technique is way better than older breast augmentation methods of the past. Studies and patient reviews consistently show the rapid recovery method has less pain and downtime than traditional breast implant surgery. So, why doesn’t every breast implant surgeon do it this way? The answer might surprise you.

It takes more time

The rapid recovery technique does take more time in the operating theatre. It is a slower procedure that requires great skill and care to perform correctly. As you can imagine, going in to cauterize each individual blood vessel takes a lot longer than injecting adrenaline to temporarily stop bleeding during surgery.

In the operating room, time is money

You would think that every cosmetic surgeon would put the patient’s best interest above their own. However, this is not always the case. The reason boils down to the time it takes in the operating room. You see, plastic surgery is a business. And breast implants are arguably the most common cosmetic surgery procedure chosen by women today. Because it is so popular, surgeons can make even more money by reducing the time spent in the operating room. That way, they are able to perform more surgeries and thus, make more money.

While performing the rapid recovery technique only adds approximately 30 minutes to the procedure, that 30 minutes adds up if the surgeon is doing multiple breast implant surgeries per day.

Let’s take a look at this example. If a surgeon performs 4 rapid recovery breast implant surgeries a day, the total operating room time is 1.5 hours per surgery x 4, for a total of 6 hours in the operating room. The surgeon performed 4 surgeries.

Meanwhile, a traditional breast implant surgery may take one hour to complete. That means a surgeon can theoretically spend the same 6 hours in the operating room, but make more money by performing a total of 6 surgeries.

Lack of awareness

A great surgeon strives to stay at the cusp of emerging science and surgical techniques so patients can have a better experience. Yet some breast implant surgeons are simply unaware of the benefits of rapid recovery breast augmentation. Perhaps breast implant surgery is not one of their specialities, so they do not invest time or resources into continued education and training in order to become a better breast implant surgeon. This is unfortunate, because every woman getting breast implants deserves to reap the benefits of the rapid recovery technique.

Unwilling to learn new techniques

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. While that saying is not true (and, in fact, rather ageist), a surgeon that is unwilling to learn new techniques is doing his patients a disservice.

Yes, it does take time and effort to learn new surgical methods. And some surgeons are simply more comfortable doing things the way they have always done them. But a great surgeon will make an effort to stay at the forefront of science if it benefits the patient. Not all surgeons are willing to stray from what they know, unfortunately.

Who invented the rapid recovery breast augmentation?

A U.S. plastic surgeon named Dr. John Tebbetts created the Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation method. He did many studies to fine tune this method until it was perfect. Dr. Tebbetts put a lot of work into developing the best breast implant techniques so that he and other surgeons can offer patients a shorter downtime and less pain than traditional breast implant methods. Doctor Bernard has performed thousands of breast implant surgeries using the rapid recovery method over the last 10 years. His patients are loving the results!