VASER Liposculpture as part of a tummy tuck – Why I think it’s great

Eager to say goodbye to stubborn fat, but prefer a surgical method that gives you the best possible results with less recovery time? If you answered ‘yes,’ then VASER liposculpture may be right for you. Unlike traditional liposuction, this advanced method uses ultrasound technology to liquefy fat before it is removed from the body through a gentle suction. As a result, the risk of injury to the blood vessels and nerves is minimised which results in less bleeding, bruising and pain. Combined with a tummy tuck, patients are left with abs that are more defined, toned and aesthetically pleasing.

What is VASER Liposculpture?

How Vaser Liposculpture Work

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. The technique uses an ultrasonic energy to heat and melt the fat in the body. The procedure is tissue-selective, targeting the fat while protecting other tissues from damage. It is clinically proven to produce even results in treated areas, leaving a patient’s skin smooth and with the body that they desire.

When performed correctly, this technique can give patients a much more sculpted look compared to regular liposuction. The tip is moved gently back and forth underneath the patient’s skin to ensures that they do not suffer any burns in the process. The technique takes longer to perform than a regular liposuction, due to the emulsification stage that is added to the process. However, the results are worth it.

Why I use VASER Liposculpture with tummy tucks

11 Sculpt Tummy Tuck Technique

For individuals who are bothered by the appearance of their stomach, abdominoplasty can help by removing excess abdominal skin and fat–especially when diet and exercise have failed to produce the desired results. Following a tummy tuck, however, the abdomen is often left flat and devoid of shape, robbing patients of the many hours spent in the gym trying to define and enhance the abdominal muscles. When VASER liposculpture, however, is combined with a patient’s tummy tuck, results that are more pleasing to the eye can be produced. Some of the benefits include:

  • The creation of defined, athletic abs VASER liposculpture can be safely used to melt fat away around the abdominal wall, chisel the abdomen, and expose the underlying abdominal wall musculature, including the six pack and pectoralis major muscles. It can also help accentuate the serratus muscles in the chest area and the oblique muscles which extend from the lower half of the ribs around and down to the pelvis.
  • Elimination of fatty deposits Fatty deposits can negatively impact the appearance of a patient’s core, resulting in unwanted love handles or muffin top. These problem areas are not addressed during traditional tummy tuck. However, when VASER liposculpture is performed as part of abdominoplasty, a shapely, more toned appearance can easily be created.
  • Tighter skin By melting the fat cells with ultrasound before using suction to gently remove them, the supporting structures are left intact under the skin (fibrous septae) which results in better skin tightening and a smoother result once following the procedure.
  • Long lasting results Once the fat cells are liquefied and removed, they will not come back. However, to maintain the results, it’s critical that patients follow a healthy diet and exercise daily. Keeping a healthy weight will ensure long-lasting results.
  • Less downtime Following a patient’s tummy tuck with assisted VASER liposculpture, patients are able to usually go home the very same day after we deem it safe to do so. However, a patient will need to be driven home by a spouse, friend or family member. Most patients are able to return to work in about 2 weeks after the procedure. After about two months, most patients can return to their normal routine.

Who is a candidate for VASER Lipo-abdominoplasty?

For patients who are considering a tummy tuck along with VASER liposculpture, they must already be at their target weight, follow a healthy lifestyle, are a non smoker, have comparatively durable skin tone as well as realistic expectations. The procedure is suitable for patients who also desire to tighten loose skin following natural weight loss while also adding some definition to their abdominal region. Candidates should also be sure that the physical and emotional benefits of the procedure outweigh the potential risks which can include infection, fluid accumulation, poor wound healing, numbness, prolonged swelling, etc.

Additional enhancements with VASER

To further enhance your tummy tuck results, patients may wish to consider VASER liposculpture of the back, arms, thighs, face, chin, buttocks, waist, hips, knees and ankles. For patients who have an area not listed, simply speak to an experienced surgeon, like Dr Beldholm, to see if VASER is an option for the area desired to be treated.