Learn Powerful VASER Body Contouring Secrets from Two of Australia’s Leading Experts

You deserve a round of applause for working hard to get fit. You’ve shed the pounds, said no to big portions, and hit the gym even when you were tired after work. Your body is looking pretty great, but you know it could look even better with a little help. Could VASER body contouring or liposuction be the next step?

For many people, diet and exercise can only take you so far. Often, you will be left with small to medium pockets of fat that just won’t budge. It can seem impossible to get rid of a small tummy pooch, pudgy love handles, or bra bulge where the straps dig in.

The next step on your weight loss journey just might be body contouring. We can hear you cringe. The pain, downtime, the fear of trying something new…but body contouring has come a long way. There are many options you can try that go beyond liposuction.

Non-surgical body contouring can help you get the trim, toned body you always wanted – finally!

Meet Dr. Bernard Beldholm and Dr. Chris Lee

Two of Australia’s leading body contouring experts discuss the most popular body shaping methods available today. In the video, they chat about the latest non-surgical fat removal trends. Together, they have more than 30 years in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Bernard Beldholm, FRACS is a qualified cosmetic surgeon in Newcastle, Australia. His 20+ years of experience in body contouring has given him insight into how to help patients get the best results. Whether you are post weight loss, post pregnancy, or have stubborn fat pockets caused by genetics, he can help.

Dr. Chris Lee is the medical director of Cosmos Clinic Canberra. The clinic offers many services, but their bread and butter is body sculpting. Dr. Lee has been helping patients achieve beautiful results for ten years. 

Check out the video to hear them discuss how the latest fat removal technology can help you achieve your fitness goals. For those of you who can’t listen to the audio, this article summarizes the main points of their chat. Read on to learn more!

Why aren’t diet and exercise enough?

Let’s start with genetics. Certain areas of your body store more fat than others. You have probably noticed that some parts of your body shed weight faster, and yet it is so easy to pack on the kilos in trouble spots like your hips, tummy, or inner thighs.

Yes, it is frustrating. But fat serves an important function by cushioning your body from injury and falls. It protects your internal organs, too. The problem is that your body doesn’t store fat uniformly. It can collect where you don’t want it. Some people can diet and exercise all they want, but the trouble areas remain.

That’s a big reason people decide to get VASER, lipo, or other body contouring procedures.

Crunches Planks

Trends in body contouring over the years

The way people view liposuction today is much different than how they perceived it in the past. Dr. Lee explains three ways that public perception has shifted.

Trend 1: Is liposuction taboo?

People are more open about getting lipo than ever before. With the rise of YouTube, online reviews and a growing acceptance of cosmetic surgery, many patients are happy to share their body contouring experience with friends.

Patients love being able to share a great recommendation with a friend. In certain circles, that gives a sense of prestige and exclusivity to the friend who is “in the know”.

But in the early days, lipo was seriously taboo. Dr. Lee says that back then, many patients would “not tell their friends. They’ll say that, ‘Oh, I’ve been exercising. That’s how I’ve lost weight’”.

Today, that’s changed. Word of mouth is a major reason that plastic surgeons gain new patients these days. Deciding to try body contouring is easier when you know a friend or family member who has tried it. Dr. Lee says that it is not unusual for the mother of a patient to book her own body contouring consultation after seeing her daughter’s results.

Perhaps the reason women are more open about it is that new technology gives patients better results than ever before. We can also thank reality shows like The Real Housewives series and The Kardashians for getting real about nips and tucks. Let’s face it – Knowing the best surgeon in town is pretty cool these days.

Men are less open when it comes to discussing body contouring. Call it a macho thing, but few male patients are willing to talk about it with friends and family. Maybe someday they will catch up to their female counterparts and join the discussion. Man or woman, it’s human nature to want to look fit and attractive.

Trend 2: Our understanding of desirable proportions

It’s not just about being skinny or overweight. Before, patients mainly just wanted to be slim. These days, being proportionate is more important.

Dr. Lee says that “someone who’s 40 kilos [may] have areas that are out of proportion, and they are suitable for liposuction. Interestingly, someone who is 120 kilos [may also] have areas that are out of proportion, and we can improve that and get them a better proportion”.

Trend 3: Number of areas treated

In the past, patients often focused on one area that bothered them and got that treated. Patients today have realized they can get better results by treating multiple areas. Doing so is safer than ever before.

This goes back to the idea of proportions. Dr. Beldholm and Dr. Lee use their artistry and experience to look at the patient’s body and evaluate where they can remove fat to give the patient a harmonious result.

If there is one area that bothers you, you can get that treated alone. But if you have various areas that need help, it is safe to get them all done at once. This includes your arms, back, flanks, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, and more. You can get VASER lipo on all these areas in just one session under conscious sedation.

Extensive lipo allows the doctors to reshape your whole body, if you so desire. Treating multiple areas usually gives the highest level of patient satisfaction. If you’re going to come in for treatment anyway, why not go the extra mile to get the best results?

The evolution of liposuction

As you can see, body contouring trends have come and gone. The technology has also changed a lot. One older form of liposuction was the body jet or liquid lipo. Dr. Lee explains that water jets were used to break up the fat, then a suction device sucked the fat away. 

It gave patients good results, but today’s techniques are even better. Over the years, new body contouring methods came to the forefront. Today, advanced techniques like VASER liposculpture are taking lipo one step further. 

Both doctors agree that VASER is the best way to remove fat on the tummy, hips, thighs, and more. Patients love the results.

Comparing water jet lipo to VASER

Based on the doctors’ experience, VASER has many benefits compared to liquid liposuction. Firstly, it is a more efficient procedure for fat removal. That makes it easier to sculpt the body, giving you a better result.

It is also much less traumatic to nearby tissues. When you get body contouring done, it is important to cause the patient the least amount of injury. This can reduce post-procedural risks, swelling, bruising and pain. Patients enjoy a shorter recovery time with VASER compared to water jet lipo.

How does VASER work?

First, the target area will be numbed with local anesthetic. Then, an ultrasound device delivers ultrasonic waves to break up the fat. It does not cut you or anything. Instead, it goes right into the fat and melts it away. 

VASER is great because it does not damage nearby areas, targeting fat alone. It is also gentler than traditional liposuction, and less invasive than surgery. Of course, getting a tummy tuck or other body lift can give better results in terms of removing larger amounts of skin and fat. 

VASER, on the other hand, is designed to remove small to moderate pockets of fat leftover after diet and exercise.

VASER’s benefits do not end there. You can get standalone VASER to melt pockets of fat, or you can add it to your tummy tuck surgery for even smoother surgical results and better fat refinement.

After VASER breaks down the targeted fat, it is gently and slowly sucked away. Again, this is done in a more gentle manner than traditional lipo. That means less pain and downtime for the patient.

How Vaser Liposculpture Work

Making the choice between VASER vs. tummy tuck

It is important to understand what each procedure offers. VASER and a tummy tuck are not going to give equal results. VASER is fantastic, but it only works on fat. It can’t streamline your silhouette quite as well as cosmetic surgery, which removes both skin and fat.

Yet many patients choose VASER, lipo and other non-surgical options despite this. 

Why? Doctor Bernard says that some patients are unwilling to deal with scar recovery (it can take 1-2 years for tummy tuck scars to fade substantially), some patients can’t take time off work to get surgery, and surgery costs more than non-surgical options like VASER.

For those reasons, many patients turn to less invasive options that have fewer barriers to entry. Getting a dramatic improvement to fatty areas with VASER is better than nothing at all for patients who can’t handle the expense, time off work, and surgical scars from abdominoplasty.

Limitations of liposuction and VASER lipo

If you have a large amount of extra fat and skin to remove, you might need cosmetic surgery to trim it away. For example, if you have ample loose skin on your belly after pregnancy, a tummy tuck or mummy makeover can help. 

This might require a combination of treatments or surgery to trim away the excess skin. That will ensure you get the skin tightness you desire. 

However, if you only have a small amount of excess fat that needs refinement, techniques like CoolSculpting and lipo can help to smooth out any pudgy areas on your body. Body contouring techniques like these are great for removing small, stubborn pockets of body fat. You can even remove fat from multiple areas at once. It will not address loose skin, however. You will need surgery for that.

VASER liposculpture

Skin retraction

One problem associated with non-surgical body contouring is your skin’s ability to retract. When the fat is removed, there is a gap between the outer layers of skin and deeper layers where the fat once was. Compression garments can help with this. Learn more about compression garments here.

The better the quality and youthfulness of your skin, the better it is able to retract. Unfortunately, even the best doctor in the world can’t change the quality of your skin with lipo. However, both doctors agree that VASER seems to help the skin retract noticeably better than other non-surgical body contouring options.

Dr. Beldholm and Dr. Lee talk about skin retraction in detail in the video. Many people think skin retraction is the same as skin tightness, but there is a difference. If you want to learn more about it, be sure to check out the link!

Does VASER require anesthesia?

Here’s where things get interesting. Unlike surgery (which requires being fully unconscious), you can get VASER with conscious sedation. Dr. Lee says that his patients are even able to talk to him throughout the procedure with little to no memory or sensations of pain. Pretty incredible, right?

Anaesthetic for cosmetic surgery

VASER, lipo, and tummy tucks are not entirely pain free…but it is manageable

The level of pain varies based on the procedure, how much fat you need removed, how aggressive the doctor was during treatment, individual pain tolerance, and more. However, most patients are surprised to find that the discomfort is quite manageable with respect to the procedure.

Most of that fear stems from not knowing what to expect. Most patients feel discomfort rather than true pain during recovery from various procedures. Much of this happens in the first few days to week when soreness peaks. Resting still is advised early on, especially for invasive procedures.


Dr. Chris Lee said it best: “It feels like you’ve done 1,000 to 10,000 sit-ups. It feels like you’ve been kicked in the guts by a horse. [If] you don’t move, it doesn’t hurt. But then as you start changing positions, sitting up, standing up, and so you will feel that muscular stiffness”.


Rest assured, you can survive the discomfort from body contouring. Most patients do not even require heavy-duty painkillers. Your doctor can advise you on what to take to relieve soreness.

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